Business Membership

What is included?

Marketing and Promotions

Membership provides you with the rights to use the principles of VARK in training programmes both in-house and externally and to use VARK Membership in your marketing and promotions.

Free Access to VARK Resources

We provide a membership cache with PowerPoint presentations, a calculator for analysing VARK scores, alternative Helpsheets, workshop and training handouts, detailed recent statistics, research information, and an opportunity to get questions about VARK and its learning preferences answered.

Your own VARK web address

We host a website dedicated to gathering VARK information about your customers, clients or staff. You would advise your respondents (customers and/or staff) of the URL for that site and each user would be able to complete the VARK questionnaire online and see their results and VARK classification. You, as administrator, would have access to the site at any time to review who has used it and download their VARK scores and results for your own database use. The membership fee (below) covers the first 100 respondents free of charge. Additional users can be added. Any unused space can be carried over into your next membership period, but will not refunded at the end of a period if you choose not to renew your membership, so estimating your usage accurately is important.


The initial VARK Membership is NZD$650 per annum and that includes the initial offer of 100 respondents who can use the web address above.
Additional users can be added within the range $US1 to $US3 per user at any time.
Renewal of the site is NZD$350 per annum.

Optional Add-Ons for Business Membership

Additional recipients

If you wish to have more than 100 people fill in the questionnaire within your membership area and have their results recorded, you can top-up your recipient limit (see above).

Contact us for more information.

VARK Standard Business Profiles

When each recipient completes the questionnaire online within your membership area, they will receive a VARK Standard Business Profile as a PDF file. This is the same profile that is offered on an individual basis when members of the public complete the questionnaire on the VARK website.  It can be purchased en bloc by a business on a per-user basis (and it is then cheaper.) The price is based on numbers and negotiated within the indicative range: $US3-$US10.

Contact us for more information.

Customised Profiles

These use the same format as the VARK Business Profile above, but offer the added opportunity for you to place information about your business into each profile. These are pinged back as a .pdf to clients, staff or customers. We work with you in tailoring your content into the .pdf document so that it effectively promotes your company and its products. Prices are on a per-user basis and negotiated by contacting us and describing your needs and numbers. Indicative fees for VARK Customized Profiles are in the range $US3-$US10 per user.

Contact us for more information.

****These are all fully hosted services. No software needs to be added to your servers or websites to enjoy the benefits of using VARK and fining a out about your customers.****

Price:$650.00 NZD per year

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