Profiles – Add On

This product is an add-on to your VARK Subscription.

With this add-on, when each participant (up to a limit of the number of profiles you have purchased) completes the questionnaire online within your VARK site, they will receive a VARK Profile as a PDF file – you can choose whether this is an academic profile or a business profile. This is the same profile that is offered on an individual basis when members of the public complete the questionnaire on the VARK website.

If you have additional participant places remaining after all of your allocated profiles have been used, people will continue to be able to access your VARK site and fill in the questionnaire; they will see their VARK preference on the screen but will not receive a profile.

The addition of profiles to your VARK site does not effect the expiry date of your VARK Subscription. When your subscription expires, no one else will be able to fill in the questionnaire on your VARK Site, even if you have unused participant places or profiles remaining. However, if you renew your VARK Subscription, any unused participant places and profiles will be carried over to the new subscription year.

Be sure to include the name of your organisation in the details for your order, so that we know which VARK site to add the profiles to. It would also be helpful if you indicated in the notes for the order whether you would like academic or business profiles added.

Note that adding the profiles to your VARK site is a manual process for us, so please allow 2 business days for us to process your order.

The price per profile is from $1.89 USD 2.95 to $9.59 USD 15 depending on the number ordered.

Price:$9.59 USD 15

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