Subscription Site for an Individual Teacher

By subscribing to VARK, you will be able to collect and view the VARK results for your students. Subscribing to VARK makes collecting your results very easy as there is no software to install – you just subscribe, and then direct your students to a website address that we provide. And you can access their results as soon as they have filled in the questionnaire online.

When you purchase an Individual Teacher Subscription, you can use it for up to 150 students.

Features of an Individual Subscription

Your subscription will give your students (and faculty) access to the VARK Questionnaire and Helpsheets. It will also give you access to a staff menu, from which you can view your students’ results.

When viewing the results for your students, you will see charts summarizing the results, as well as a detailed table of the options chosen by each person for each question, and listing each student’s final result. You can download the results to analyze further in Excel (or similar) if you wish.

Your subscription will be valid for 1 year from the date it is set up, and it can be easily renewed for another year.

The Individual Teacher Subscription is set up to include one of the following questionnaires:

  • The 16-question VARK Standard Questionnaire
  • The 16-question VARK Younger Questionnaire (ideal for use in schools and colleges because the language is suited to those aged 12-18.) Note: Under 12 years-of-age students are still forming their learning preferences so it is unwise to survey that age group.
  • It is available in English or Spanish.

If you purchase a VARK Subscription and would like to use the Younger version, or in Spanish send us an email ( to let us know; otherwise we will set up your subscription using the VARK Standard questionnaire, in English.

The screenshots below show the VARK questionnaire page and results page for students, as well as the administrator’s menu page, and the charts and downloadable table of student results from the results page.

Student Pages:



Administrator Pages







Optional Profile Add-on

When each student completes the questionnaire online within your VARK Subscription Site, they will receive a VARK Academic Profile as a PDF file. This is the same profile that is offered on an individual basis when members of the public complete the questionnaire on the VARK website. It can be purchased en bloc by educational organisations on a per-user basis (and it is then cheaper). The price is based on numbers and negotiated within the indicative range: NZ$3-$NZ10.

Contact us for more information.

Price:$125.00 NZD for 1 year

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