VARK Small Trainers Membership

What is included?

Marketing and Promotions

Membership provides you with the rights to use the principles of VARK in training programmes both in-house and externally.

Your own VARK web address

We host a website dedicated to gathering VARK information about your clients. You would advice your respondents of the URL for that site and each user would be able to complete the VARK questionnaire online and see their results and VARK classification. You, as the administrator, would have access to the site at any time to review who has it and download their VARK scores and results for your own database use. The small trainer membership fee (below) covers the 50 participants. For larger organisations, the full Business Membership is more appropriate.


The VARK Small Trainer Membership is NZ$125 per annum. Renewal of the site is NZ$125 per annum.

Optional Profile Add-on

When each trainee completes the questionnaire online within your VARK Subscription Site, they will receive a VARK Academic or Business Profile as a PDF file. This is the same profile that is offered on an individual basis when members of the public complete the questionnaire on the VARK website. It can be purchased en bloc on a per-user basis (and it is then cheaper). The price is based on numbers and negotiated within the indicative range: NZ$3-$NZ10.

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Price:$125.00 NZD per year

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