VARK Profiles

PDF Profiles – Personalised to your VARK preferences

These are PDF profiles of your learning and communication preferences.  They are cleverly customized to your specific VARK scores.

Teachers Profile

Teachers Profile

A VARK Teacher’s Profile offers an insight into how you teach or train, and the strategies that you prefer, using the four VARK modes as indicators. Whether you are meeting the needs of learners is also raised . Read on! →


Price:$25.00 NZD

Personal Profile

Your VARK Personal Profile will help you understand your preferences for learning. Your profile is a PDF containing helpful advice about your learning preferences, customized for your VARK scores. Your profile, including helpsheets, is approximately 10 pages long.
In it you will find out:
Whether you need to use one or more modes in your learning, and how flexible you are in swapping between modes.
How you can use your preferred modes in education.
How to best take notes.
How to work with other learners.
How other learners like you use their VARK learning preferences.
What VARK indicates, and what it does not. Read on! →


Price:$20.00 NZD

Business Profile

These can add value to your interaction with your clients, customers and/or staff. Each one consists of a PDF document containing helpful advice about learning preferences customized to that client’s VARK scores. The Profile including Business Helpsheets is “pinged” back to the browser of your client/customer/staff immediately after they complete the VARK questionnaire. A Profile can be purchased after completing the online VARK questionnaire on this site and choosing the “Business Profile” option. Read on! →


Price:$18.00 NZD

VARK Short Profile

These short profile PDFs provide you with a basic description of your preferences for learning. The Short Profile is available immediately after you complete the VARK questionnaire online and elect to pay. Instructions can be found at the end of the questionnaire. A Short Profile contains 1 page of advice about your learning preferences and a copy of the Helpsheet(s) relevant to your preference. The price is $10.00 NZ – about $US7.50. Read on! →


Price:$10.00 NZD