Resources for Using VARK with a Group

The following products are designed for those who want to use VARK with a group of people – in teaching, training, or in a business environment.

VARK Subscription

An annual VARK Subscription provides you with the rights to use the principles of VARK in teaching or training programmes both in-house and externally. Your subscription gives you access to a VARK Site – you can direct your students, trainees, Read on! →


Price:$63.90 USD 100

Add-on Participants for a VARK Subscription

This product adds places for an additional participants to your VARK Subscription – meaning that an additional people will be able to fill in the VARK questionnaire in your VARK site. The addition of extra participants does not effect the Read on! →


Price:$0.64 USD 1

VARK Subscription Renewal

Your VARK Subscription is renewable annually. An additional 50 participant places will be added with your renewal, and the expiry date for your VARK Site will be extended by 1 year. Read on! →


Price:$63.90 USD 100

Profiles - Add On

PDF Profiles as an Add-On to your VARK Subscription. Read on! →


Price:$9.59 USD 15

Trainer's Package

This package contains resources suitable for those who train in business or academic environments. Although VARK appears straightforward it has its own complexities and these are explained in the package. As well as annotated PowerPoint slides and workshop plans and follow-up exercises there are the useful Helpsheets that should enhance learning and communication. Read on! →


Price:$7.67 USD 12

VARK Result Analysis

An inexpensive service to assist researchers who want to have their VARK questionnaire data reliably analysed. Read on! →


Price:$19.17 USD 30

VARK Group Report

This 8-10 page report uses VARK data for a group of people supplied by your organisation and analysed by our staff to inform you about the impact of VARK preferences on communication and/or learning with that group.
The report provides feedback at an individual level or to different groups within the business and it includes customised strategies to improve communication and learning generally. Read on! →


Price:$95.85 USD 150 for a group of up to 100 people