Earlier Articles about VARK


VARK began in 1987. The publication that launched VARK was:
Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection
Published in: To Improve the Academy, Vol. 11, 1992, Page 137.
Authors: Neil D. Fleming and Colleen Mills both at Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand

Leite, W. L., Svinicki, M. & Shi, Y. (2010). Attempted Validation of the Scores of the VARK: Learning Styles Inventory With Multitrait-Multimethod Confirmatory Factor Analysis Models. Educational and Psychological Measurement. 70, 323-339.

Fleming, N.D. & Mills, C. (1992). Helping Students Understand How They Learn. The Teaching Professor, Vol. 7 No. 4, Magma Publications, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The following articles are available as PDF downloads:

Neil Fleming

2009 VARK Scoring Trial
Neil Fleming

I’m different; not dumb: Modes of presentation (V.A.R.K) in the tertiary classroom.
Neil Fleming.

Coping with a Revolution: Will the Internet Change Learning?
Neil Fleming.

Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection
Neil Fleming and Colleen Mills, Lincoln University

Learning Styles Again: VARKing up the right tree!
Neil Fleming, Educational Developer, and David Baume, FSEDA, Higher Education Consultant

Learning Preferences and Sport
Juli Dunn, Associate Professor of Sport Studies, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, USA

Learning Styles of Law Enforcement Officers: Does Police Work Affect How Officers Learn?
John M Landry

Adult Learning Styles: How the VARK learning style inventory can be used to improve student learning
Vanessa Marcy, MMSc, PA-C

The Case Against Learning Styles
Neil Fleming.

Learning styles and fieldwork education: Students’ perspectives
Linda Robertson, Tania Smellie, Phillipa Wilson, and Lisa Cox
with permission from the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists/Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa

Facts, Fallacies, and Myths: VARK and Learning Preferences
Neil Fleming.

Do Teachers Have Preferences
Neil Fleming, June 2015