How to encourage active learning:

helpful tips

Our top five tips for teachers who want to introduce active learning to their students and make it work!

  1. Create a dynamic and supportive environment:
    • Foster a classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable and encouraged to participate actively. Arrange classroom seating to facilitate group discussions, use interactive technologies, and design flexible learning spaces that accommodate various activities. A dynamic environment sets the stage for active engagement.
  2. Support collaborative learning:
    • Foster a collaborative learning environment where students can work together to solve problems, share ideas, and learn from each other. Incorporate group projects, peer teaching, and collaborative discussions. Encourage students to take on different roles within groups, promoting a sense of shared responsibility for their learning.
  3. Incorporate diverse activities:
    • Use a variety of active learning activities to cater to different learning styles. Integrate group discussions, hands-on activities, case studies, role-playing, and technology-based tools into your lessons. Think beyond using VARK to present material in a variety of ways – use VARK strategies for activities and assessments to give students experience of different ways they can learn actively.
  4. Provide clear objectives:
    • When students understand the purpose and goals of an activity, they are more likely to actively engage. Explain how active learning works. When introducing VARK, emphasize that it is what learners do that matters. Give examples of how to translate content into their preferred modes, and how to use their preferred modes actively.
  5. Provide feedback and encourage reflection:
    • Provide constructive feedback on students’ performance helping them understand their strengths and areas for growth. Test early to demonstrate to students that they are learning, and to give them an indication of areas they may need to improve. Allocate time for students to reflect on what they’ve learned, fostering deeper understanding.

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