Biographies of the Founders of VARK®

A Brief Biography of Neil D. Fleming

Designer of the VARK questionnaire and associated resources.

Neil Fleming was a learner and a teacher.  His main research interest was in how people learn and how they use their modality preferences in their communication.  His full-time teaching was divided between secondary, teacher education, and university (Lincoln University, New Zealand) with ample recognition of his teaching and research prowess in those three sectors. For over twenty years he facilitated active workshops on a variety of topics in North America, Asia, and Europe traveling there in spring and fall. He was the main author of the VARK books available online on this website. He was in demand for work with customer service applications of the VARK principles in business educational environments. He also worked with elite sports coaches on a learning-styles approach to coaching individuals and teams. Apart from managing the interesting contacts with the VARK website he had frequent grandchildren duties, had two beehives on his urban property, tended his collection of 80 heritage roses, and made solid wood furniture as hobbies.

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Neil. He died on June 16 2022 suddenly at his home in Christchurch New Zealand aged 82 years old. The team at VARK has lost a great leader, teacher, and mentor. Neil lived his life to the end with great empathy, integrity, generosity, and humor, and will be sadly missed by many.

A Brief Biography of Charles C Bonwell

Co-Author and contributor to VARK’s development.

Charles C. Bonwell directed Centers for Teaching and Learning at the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy (1993-1998) and Southeast Missouri State University (1990-1993). As an instructional consultant, he has facilitated over 200 workshops nationally and internationally for faculty and teaching assistants on active learning and critical thinking and has given the keynote address at numerous regional, national, and international conferences. He is co-author of the best-selling ASHE-ERIC monograph Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom (1991).