How To Use VARK® Reflective Strategies To Develop Metacognition

Metacognition, the art of thinking about one’s own thinking processes, is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the learning experience. Once you’ve initiated your metacognitive journey by finding out how you learn best, you can put your VARK learning style into action – not only by using strategies aligned with your VARK preference when undertaking learning tasks – but also by using VARK-targeted reflective strategies to develop your metacognitive skills. Incorporating these activities into your routines will heighten your awareness of your learning process, refine your approach, and foster continuous improvement in your cognitive abilities.

This article suggests some metacognitive strategies focussed on the VISUAL, AURAL, READ/WRITE, and KINESTHETIC modalities.

Visual Reflective Strategies

VISUAL Learners:

If you prefer the VISUAL mode, you like color, diagrams, charts, maps, drawings, and presentation. Create visual representations of your thought processes, connecting ideas using diagrams. Reflective journals with sketches or concept maps can help you gain insights into your learning patterns and areas of focus.

Aural reflective strategies

AURAL Learners:

If you have an AURAL preference, you process information best by talking, listening, and discussing. You can benefit from verbalizing your thoughts, so engaging in discussions, explaining concepts aloud, or recording summaries can enhance your understanding. Explore reflective practices that involve spoken communication, for example, by discussing the learning process with others.

Read/write reflective strategies

READ/WRITE Learners:

If you like READING and WRITING, journal your reflections on your learning journey, organize your thoughts through written outlines, and create concise summaries. The act of writing enhances your comprehension and metacognitive awareness.

Kinesthetic reflective strategies


If you have a KINESTHETIC preference, you learn best through hands-on experiences. Reflective practices for you will include opportunities to try out different ways of learning, with analysis of the learning process including plenty of concrete examples from what you did.

Metacognition has the potential to transform the learning journey.
Metacognitive strategies can be tailored to suit individual VARK preferences.
Whether VISUAL, AURAL, READ/WRITE, or KINESTHETIC, every learner can unleash the power of metacognition and take charge of their learning experience.

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