Multimodal Strategies for Education

Learning in education can be stressful with daily lectures as well as deadlines for assessments, essay writing, presentations, and exams. Understanding and using the multimodal strategies appropriate for your learning preference can help improve your recall of information and understanding of new topics or concepts.

Learners with a MULTIMODAL preference are flexible and can switch from mode to mode depending on the context. They may find a single mode suits a particular occasion or situation. Or they may prefer to process information in additional modes to reinforce the concept – this may take longer but create a deeper understanding.

Multimodal Strategies for Education Table

The Multimodal Strategies for Education table below suggests some strategies you could select from each of your preferred modalities, when you are attending classes, taking notes, summarizing your notes, preparing for exams, and doing presentations.

Combine strategies from each row in the table, depending on your preferences, the topic you are learning, and the situation you are in. If you are learning something more difficult, using strategies from multiple modalities is often a good idea, while selecting a strategy from just one of your preferred modalities is usually enough when reviewing less challenging topics.

Multimodal strategies for Education

VARK Helpsheets

For more multimodal strategies, see the VARK Helpsheets:

  1. Anyia said:

    This was extremely helpful. I’ve been wondering how to take better notes for myself. I realized if notes and topics don’t feel interesting and interactive, I struggle with taking them and recalling information. With this, I can mix standard notetaking with games, puzzles, and open discussion.

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