Multimodal Strategies in the Arts

Even outside of school or an academic setting, we are constantly processing new information. The Arts are a great example of where integrating multimodal learning strategies can enhance the overall learning experience.

For instance, in Visual Arts, a more comprehensive understanding of artistic concepts could be gained in a painting workshop by not only trying some painting techniques (K), but also doing a visual analysis of an example painting (V), discussing a painting (A), and reading about the historical context for the painting (R).

And in performing arts, integrating visual aids, spoken explanations, and physical demonstrations during a theater or dance rehearsal can help performers grasp the nuances of expression and movement more effectively.

Learners with a MULTIMODAL preference are flexible and can switch from mode to mode depending on the context. They may find a single mode suits a particular occasion or situation. Or they may prefer to process information in additional modes to reinforce the concept – this may take longer but create a deeper understanding.

Multimodal Strategies in the Arts Table

If you’re a MULTIMODAL learner, you will likely find a combination of strategies will suit you best. You will find some examples of MULTIMODAL strategies for use in the Arts in the table below.

Combine strategies depending on your preferences, what you are learning, and the situation you are in. If you are learning something more difficult, using strategies from multiple modalities is often a good idea, while selecting a strategy from just one of your preferred modalities is usually enough when learning less challenging topics.

Multimodal strategies in the Visual Arts
Multimodal strategies in Dance
Multimodal strategies in Music
Multimodal strategies in Drama

VARK Helpsheets

For more multimodal strategies, see the VARK Helpsheets:

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