The VARK for Business Book

Have you VARKED your Business?: Using Learning Styles to Improve Communication and Performance.

73 pages
PDF Download (7.9MB)

business-book-cover-pdfThis book, first published in October 2011, outlines the ways in which you can use VARK in your workplace.  There are numerous practical examples and applications that will give you a full understanding of VARK principles.

Some Chapter headings: Age and communication preferences, Communicating with your staff, What do advertisers and marketers know about learners?, When marketers want to understand customers?, Allocating tasks to staff and teams, Meeting behaviors, Learning about retail customers, Appointing the right person, Do some employees learn only from doing?, Making your case for promotion, What training works best?

Business Profile

Finding your communication preferences.

Everybody has their own communication profile made up of their preferences. Your VARK Business Profile is a 7-8 page PDF customised to your VARK scores.   It will provide you with the strategies that suit your communication preferences (and the ones you should avoid). Why not find out about yourself?

Your Profile includes a description of the strategies that you should use for enhancing your communication skills. This will include detailed information tailored particularly to the preferences you have chosen in the questionnaire. In effect it will describe the impact of your VARK preferences on important decisions in your education or career.

You will also learn about strategies that should not be used and the characteristics of other learners who may have similar preferences. The profile will allow you to make effective choices and may reveal inappropriate methods that you have been using.

A sample Business Profile is available here: Sample Profile

Your VARK Business Profile is available for purchase from the results page after you have filled in the VARK Questionnaire. You can download it as soon as you have made payment.