Teachers Profile

A VARK Teacher’s Profile offers an insight into how you teach or train, and the strategies that you prefer, using the four VARK modes as indicators. Whether you are meeting the needs of learners is also raised . Read on! →

55 Strategies for Teaching

If there is a theme, it is – teaching has to be about learning- otherwise, there is only talking. Beginning teachers are invited to turn the pages and find items that are within their capability and that suit their circumstances. Those who are more experienced can fine-tune their skills by adding to their excellent skills to reach even more learning and training objectives. No single page will make a huge difference, but the skills on many pages have the potential to make you a better leader, coach, teacher or trainer. Read on! →

VARK Strategies

This is the definitive VARK book describing its origins, definitions, applications and research backing. Packed with helpful examples it is written for all who are using or intending to use VARK. Available as a PDF or EPUB download. Read on! →