Teachers Profile

A VARK Teacher’s Profile offers an insight into how you teach or train, and the strategies that you prefer, using the four VARK modes as indicators. Whether you are meeting the needs of learners is also raised . Read on! →

Business Profile

Your Business Profile includes a description of the strategies that you should use for enhancing your communication skills. It will describe the impact of your VARK preferences on important decisions in your education or career.
You will also learn about strategies that should not be used and the characteristics of other learners who may have similar preferences. The profile will allow you to make effective choices and may reveal inappropriate methods that you have been using. Read on! →

Academic Profile

Your VARK Academic Profile will help you understand your preferences for learning. Your Profile is a PDF containing helpful advice about your learning preferences, customized for your VARK scores. Your Profile, including Helpsheets, is approximately 10 pages long. Read on! →