Add-on Profile Customization

Customize the PDF Profiles delivered through your VARK Subscription Site so that they are co-branded with both the VARK-Learn logo and your logo, and optionally include up to half a page of customized text.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to set up your customization – from the date that you make your purchase and supply us with a suitable copy of your logo (print quality) and any text you would like included in the profiles.

The customization is a one-off fee – once your customization is set up, profiles delivered through your VARK Subscription Site will be at the standard Profile Add-on costs for non-customized Profiles. Any later changes to your logo or custom text will incur an additional fee (depending on the scope of the changes).

This product is only applicable if you have a VARK Subscription with Add-on Profiles (Academic Profiles, Business Profiles, or Short Profiles).

Price:$160.00 USD 160

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