Sports Coaching and Learning

Using learning preferences to enhance performance

72 pages – PDF


The book is based on the idea that coaching athletes and players closely resembles the learning that happens throughout life. Learning is often narrowly associated with schools, universities and classrooms but learning occurs throughout life and is a part of most people’s day. This book marries the two fields of learning and coaching with easy-to-follow explanations and practical examples. The authors have borrowed from the “best practice” of those with whom they have worked.

This book has been written to take coaches to the next stage of understanding the connections between learning and coaching. It has benefited from a number of seminars and workshops that were offered over the past five years. The authors have had access to elite professional coaches and elite (national and international) individuals and teams as well as some fully professional teams and organisations.

Coaches and athletes prefer an active style of communication rather than something dense with theory. For that reason we have placed anecdotes, stories, newspaper clippings and examples throughout the text. These should be read with the text as they help to explain the points that are being made.

Neil Fleming
Graeme Robson
Richard Smith

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