VARK Group Report

This 8-10 page report uses VARK data for a group of people supplied by your organisation and analysed by our staff to inform you about the impact of VARK preferences on communication and/or learning with that group.

The report provides feedback at an individual level or to different groups within the organisation and it includes customised strategies to improve communication and learning generally.

The report is useful for business owners or managers, teachers, coaches and others.

Business Report

For businesses, it can help with internal communication (within the business) or communication emanating from your business to your clients. In some cases it may be possible to have your business clients as part of the analysis so that the report works at both ends of the communication.

Coaching Report

For coaches, it can help with communication between the coach and his/her team, and for communication within the team.

Class Report

For teachers or trainers, it can help understand the learning preferences with a class of students.


The report costs $140.00 USD 140 for groups of up to 100 participants – price on application for groups larger than 100 people.
Please allow 1 week from the supply of your VARK data for your report to be completed.

Price:$140.00 USD for a group of up to 100 people140

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