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We rely on the honesty of trainers, HR staff and coaches to act in a professional way when they consider using our copyright materials. Payment is required to release copyright for its legitimate use. Note that we do not permit placing our copyright materials on any website (internet, intranet or password-protected)or on any other platform such as MOODLE, SMS, GOOGLE Forms...  A link to our site may be permitted after a courtesy email.

You can get permission to use VARK in training by either purchasing a VARK Small Trainer Membership or a VARK Business Membership, or paying a fee per participant (see below).

VARK One-Time User:

If you are a minimum, one-time user and the VARK Business Membership and VARK Small Trainer Membership are not appropriate for your budget we have other possibilities.  For example:

  1. for in-house training involving 3-4 workshop sessions.
  2. where VARK is part of a publication but is not to be sold.
  3. where VARK is  a small component within an overall training package.
  4. where you are not claiming to be an accredited VARK trainer.
  5. you are not using VARK as a marketing/promotion tool.
  6. you want to use the online or paper VARK Questionnaire with a small number of clients, colleagues, staff or customers.

If you qualify for one or more of the above examples the fee for your use would be $1 per participant in your currency. That would allow you to use VARK in paper format, access us for an analysis of the results, to get advice and assistance from us and to legitimately use our online site.

The trainer’s Resource package is on this page.

VARK Resources for Trainers

Training Kit

This package contains resources suitable for those who train in business or academic environments. Although VARK appears straightforward it has its own complexities and these are explained in the package. As well as annotated PowerPoint slides and workshop plans and follow-up exercises there are the useful Helpsheets that should enhance learning and communication. Read on! →


Price:$10.23 USD 10.23