Read/Write Strategies

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LISTS, NOTES, and TEXT in all formats, both paper and on screen.

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People with a READ/WRITE preference like:

Taking NOTES and making LISTS
STRUCTURE, order, and clarity
WORDS with interesting sources and definitions
Using the right words correctly

To TAKE IN information use:

  • LISTS – ordered, numbered, or with bullet points
  • dictionaries and online tools to find the BEST WORDS
  • books, articles, manuals, hand-outs, reading lists
  • definitions, constitutions, legal documents, minutes, and rules
  • WRITTEN NOTES from what others have said or written

To PRESENT information:

  • use WRITING to think through and clarify ideas
  • REWRITE principles and ideas in your own words
  • LIST items in categories, ordered by importance
  • spell-check
  • provide WRITTEN information for others to read
  • use a wide range of PRINT media

If it isn’t in print, it doesn’t exist.
You will want to READ about this and WRITE down your ideas.


Education graphic
  • Read textbooks, manuals, and assigned readings.
  • Use lists, glossaries, and dictionaries.
  • Translate ideas and principles into other words.
  • Organize diagrams, charts, and graphs into words.
  • Write essays in structured paragraphs, with introductions and conclusions.
  • Organize your notes into points according to hierarchies.
  • Reduce 3 pages of your notes to 1 by removing unnecessary details.
  • Rewrite notes repeatedly.
  • Reread notes (silently) repeatedly.
  • Write exam answers for practice.
In the Workplace Graphic
  • In meetings, make lists of actions and desired outcomes.
  • As you listen, summarize what is said in your own notes and lists.
  • Order points by category and importance.
  • Create plans or frameworks to organize information.
  • Analyze detailed results in tables.
  • Read and contribute to business articles, journals, and online posts.
  • Refer to definitions, constitutions, legal documents, minutes, and rules.
  • Regularly read new material in online forums.
  • Give and receive feedback in written form.

“My task …. by the power of the written word
(is) to make you hear, to make you feel …
to make you see.”

~ Joseph Conrad (novelist)