Visual Strategies

Visual Strategies

They organize and emphasize information using:

In a nutshell

You are holistic. You want the whole picture – the BIG picture first! You are probably going to DRAW something.


In education
  • Replace keywords with symbols or diagrams.
  • Reconstruct notes using images, colors, fonts, and different spatial layouts.
  • Review your notes and look for patterns.
  • Reduce 3 pages of your notes to 1.
  • Redraw your notes from memory.
  • Restore your visuals back into words.
In the workplace
  • Include images, colors, fonts, and different layouts in your presentations.
  • Use freehand drawings to communicate ideas.
  • Use charts and diagrams to analyze and understand data.
  • Remember – not everyone has a Visual preference like you.
No Videos

Note: Visual strategies do NOT include videos & photos showing real life.
These are more helpful to those with a Kinesthetic or Aural preference.

“The soul never thinks without a picture.”

~ Aristotle ~