A Kinesthetic Preference

August 19, 2014

I have just completed the questionnaire… with the result of a Mild Kinesthetic learning style. I responded that I was not sure that this is me. But I have suddenly realised that it is. I have previously explored this site and identified having almost equal VISUAL, KINESTHETIC & AURAL with a low read/write. This time KINESTHETIC was significantly higher (9), with Visual (6), Aural (5) & Read/Write (4). This is surprising as my Masters is in Professional Writing. I have always had an aptitude or personal strength in written and oral communication. Naturally I would have assumed that read/write is my learning style. However, on reflection I realise I have had a life history of ‘trying new things’ and having ‘experiences’. This has been with employment, as well as in life. I have skied, rowed, played hockey, tried playing guitar, painted, drew, roller bladed, learning to sing – I have worked in business, been involved in film-making, retail, hospitality, worked in offices and engaged in physical labour. I only realise now that it is because I need to experience or ‘do’ in order to learn. And I take what I have learnt from each experience and apply it to other scenarios, whether this is in the workplace or in my leisure and social life. This is quite a revelation for me. Thanks for exploring this interesting aspect of human behavior and development. Additionally, I suspect the difference in the result is that I am no longer in a tertiary learning environment, which resources students through the Read/write, Visual and Aural to a greater degree than Kinesthetic methods. Evidence of the learning method I am most comfortable with is perhaps more apparent. (Although it was still strongly represented the first time I took the test.)