June 3, 2015

BARBRI is a company in the United States that offers a widely-used bar exam preparation course. American recipients of a Juris Doctor degree can attend a six-week BARBRI course which features lectures by law professors on the six major areas covered on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) –torts, contracts, real property, evidence, criminal law, and constitutional law – along with additional lectures on the specific law of the state. Most of the lectures are presented in person, remotely on DVD, or online through the BARBRI website. BARBRI also supplies participants with outlines of the topic areas tested on each state’s bar exam, practice essay questions, and multiple-choice questions.BARBRI has a very significant presence in the world of legal learning and education. It serves the overwhelming majority of US law graduates, as they prepare for their professional examinations and into qualification within the various states.

BARBRI has a considerable interest in educational achievement through the timely provision of a wide range of resources  VARK-Learn’s involvement with BARBRI  meant that each law graduate in a number of US states, who was facing professional examinations, had access to a customized VARK Profile detailing the strategies that should be used for their learning.  That service was delivered over three summer and three winter graduate programmes. Its continuation through that time indicated its merit.  It ended in 2013 when BARBRI chose to reconsider its law programmes and that continues to the present.  There is a possibility that VARK may be part of that reconsideration in the future.