June 3, 2015

In late 2010 and 2011 my company (AK Nextant LLC) was engaged in a strategic visioning project with Microsoft’s global customer support division (CSS). We worked with Neil to incorporate VARK into a significant survey of Microsoft customers that was attempting to explore actionable market segmentation criteria among Microsoft’s customers.  The intention was that VARK might provide some insights into the characteristic behaviours of Microsoft customers and allow for improved communication back to those customers through customisable modes of presentation.  The cut-down VARK questionnaire was part of a much larger survey to 2,000 customers and the results provided some very informative feedback and gave us deeper insights as to how Microsoft’s Customer Support division could improve customer engagement through more directly tailoring customer interactions.   That project became bedrock to a new long term Vision for Microsoft’s Customer Support division and has also contributed to how CSS now looks at developing new web-based support services.