R and K learner

August 19, 2014

I have wondered why I learn slowly and seem to demand reassurances more than others. I am almost equally R and K. Unfortunately, it was after I got out of college, I discovered the way for me to remember EVERYTHING in a lecture. It required a lot of effort.


  • I write down EVERYTHING the lecturer says, including illustrative anecdotes (excluding procedural comments).
  • I type up my notes, including in brackets my comments and thoughts on the material.
  • I re-read the typed lecture with my comments.
  • The anecdotes provide the Kinesthetic, real-life application or derivation of the point the lecturer is making.


My interests are split evenly between Kinesthetic activities (cooking, gardening, fitness) and intellectual activities (reading, writing, thinking). I need both of them in my life, and if I don’t get one at work I get the other in my spare time. The multimodal learning model explained why both are so important to me.