Reception of VARK in Schools

August 19, 2014

In academic session 2008-2009 our “Routes For All” team conducted the Learning Styles session, incorporating the VARK questionnaire, with 606 pupils (16-18 year olds) across 29 West of Scotland schools. The pupils we work with are targeted because they are what we would class as the ‘middle-cohort’ in the school. They are not the academic high flyers, (who are expected to gain good results and go directly to university), or the group of pupils who are academically poor who will leave school as soon as they can. As such the group we work with have been neglected somewhat by the system. At the end of the overall programme we evaluated all our sessions to see the impact these sessions had had on the pupils. We asked the pupils to score each session 1-5, with 5 being the most positive score. 88% of pupils gave the Learning Styles session a score of between 3-5. 56% of pupils gave the session a score of 4-5. 19% of pupils gave the session a score of 5.