VARK Insights

August 19, 2014

VARK stresses that the learning is about an individual’s preferences and not about strengths. By understanding and developing strategies for the learning preferences, the learning potential increases because learning becomes a natural process. Understanding that people have different learning preferences enhances communication skills for all persons. The VARK questionnaire has enlightened me of the many ways to retrieve and give out information. Knowing my learning preference, I can now capitalize on my style to benefit my learning and teaching experience. I will continue to have dozens of sticky notes on my walls and I will never leave home without my thesaurus. I love words; Yes, VARK has given me great insight to the other learning preferences and ideas to develop strategies incorporating all preferences. I plan to be a better learner and teacher. It is an ancient Chinese proverb that gets to the heart of learning: “Involve me, and I understand.” I feel I am now “involved”.
Thank you Neil Fleming for creating VARK.