VARK with Dyslexic Students

August 19, 2014
VARK with Dyslexic Students

I have used VARK with my dyslexic students. The questionnaire has been very, very useful to get my students to find out about themselves and think about how they learn and how they can use their own ways to get better results. They are often surprised and say, “That’s how I am. Strange to find out only by answering some questions. This is me – I’m a K “.  In our school, about 20% of the students are dyslexic as we are a dyslexic-friendly school. The dyslexic students, not surprisingly, are often AK, or K, or VAK, and also A.
Every year we have in our school a group of students from the University of Iceland that are training to be teachers. I meet the group and tell them about dyslexia and the problems that dyslexic students encounter in school. They answer the VARK questionnaire to find out how they prefer to work with information and we discuss how that will affect their teaching. This is a great success and it gets them to think about themselves and their teaching.