Strategies Questionnaire

How do you currently learn?

This questionnaire will help you determine which VARK modalities you are currently using when learning.
For more information about the Strategies Questionnaire: About the Strategies Questionnaire

In the last 6 months, how often have you used the following strategies while learning?

I watch demonstrations and then try to apply what I have learned.
I draw pictures to show ideas.
I remember interesting spoken examples, stories, jokes…
I look for information in autobiographies, case studies and/or documentaries.
I attend tutorials or groups where I can discuss with others.
I get information from exhibits, samples, photographs.
I replace words with symbols, pictures or my own codes.
I take notice of real-life examples.
I read handouts, books with dense text, essays, and/or articles.
I take care to spell-check and correct written language errors.
I make complex processes and lists into flow charts.
I make recordings so that I can listen again and again.
I use white space in my layouts.
I focus on practical problems and problem solving.
I learn from the ideas of others and what they say about my ideas.
I use titles and headings that clearly explain what follows.
I listen to experts.
I do extra or recommended reading.
I convert diagrams and graphs into statements.
I attend laboratory sessions, practical sessions, and/or field trips.
I focus on applications and details before theories and abstract concepts.
I write detailed notes (often verbatim).
I attend classes where I can listen to the teacher.
I use color or highlighting in my notes, on handouts and sometimes texts.
I put care into the design and layout of my pages.
I use plans and maps.
I read my notes again and again.
I try to relate what I am learning to my own experiences.
I watch videos, especially those that show real things.
I write summaries of my notes out again and again.
I explain new ideas to others.
I use graphs, flowcharts and other diagrams.
I use trial and error to learn how to do something new.
I listen to podcasts or other recordings.
I talk things through with myself.
I make every page look different.
I use lists and order things into categories and hierarchies.
I discuss topics with others online and/or in person.
I use dictionaries and glossaries.
I convert words into diagrams.

Do you use any learning strategies that aren't listed above? If so, write them here so that we can add them to the questionnaire: