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Your context for filling in VARK

How did you come to fill in the VARK Questionnaire?

I was directed to VARK by my teacher or educator.

I was directed to VARK by a friend or family member.

I was directed to VARK by someone in my workplace.

I found VARK when searching on the Internet.

I read about VARK in a book or article.


Do any of following apply to you?

I have already read through the helpsheets/study strategies for my learning preference.

A teacher or trainer (or someone similar) has explained VARK to me in some detail.

I have read about VARK and have a good understanding of it.

I expect to receive further help from a teacher or trainer to put what I have learned about VARK into practice.

Is this the first time you have filled in the VARK questionnaire?

Yes, this is the first time.

No, I have filled it in recently.

No, I have filled it in some time ago.

Your VARK Results

Which of the following best matches your perception of your VARK results?

That is how I prefer to learn.

Those are not my learning preferences.

I am not sure how I prefer to learn.

How helpful do you expect VARK to be for your learning?

Very helpful.

Slightly helpful.

Not at all helpful.

I don't know.

Do you understand VARK well enough to be able to make changes to improve your learning?

Yes, I understand my VARK preference and what I need to do.

I need to find out more before I can make any changes.

I don't need to make any changes.

I don't know.

Future Research

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