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June 2024 Newsletter

Our June 2024 newletter – on Metacognition – has been published. Find out what metacognition is, how important it is for learning, and how VARK helps you develop your metacognitive skills.

March 2024 Newsletter

Our March 2024 newsletter – on Teaching and Learning with VARK – has been published. In this issue, we explore the concept of teaching and the shift in education methodologies from past to present. From the traditional, teacher-centred “one size fits all” approaches to more modern “differentiated” instruction which incorporates a variety of teaching strategies, we look at the implications for teachers at all levels in attempting to accommodate the diverse learning needs of their students and show how incorporating VARK principles into teaching practices can lead to more engaging and effective learning experiences for students.

February 2024 Newsletter

Our February 2024 newsletter is all about being multimodal – VARK MULTIMODAL Learning – Find out what MULTIMODAL means, what to do next once you find out you have a MULTIMODAL preference, and have a look at strategy suggestions in the new MULTIMODAL tables for Education, Spor,t and the Arts.

January 2024 Newsletter

Check out our January 2024 newsletter – Active Learning and VARK – for advice about how to enhance learning by using VARK with an Active Learning focus.

VARK Helpsheets

The VARK Helpsheets (Study Strategies) have been updated to incorporate images, videos, color….! Printable PDF versions are also available. Check them out here.


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Guide for Teachers

How does VARK help learners? Does it work? What best practices should you follow when using VARK? Our new Guide for Teachers and Trainers covers all teachers need to know when using VARK.

Guide for Researchers

Our new Guide for Researchers outlines all the essential information for those wanting to use VARK in their research: our requirements, guidance about how to collect and analyze data, and common research issues to avoid.

Neil Fleming 

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of the Founder of VARK.  Neil Fleming died on June 16 2022 suddenly at his home in Christchurch New Zealand aged 82 years old.  The team at VARK has lost a great leader, teacher, and mentor.  Neil lived his life to the end with great empathy, integrity, generosity, and humor, and will be sadly missed by many.

VARK-Learn will remain in the very safe hands of Neil’s daughter, Carol Cadigan, who has long been involved with VARK and who assumed overall responsibility earlier this year. Carol will continue to lead with the same dedication and integrity as Neil.

Online Learning: We have new advice about online learning, for teachers and students: VARK and Online Learning
Academic Profiles have been updated to include a section on online learning. Your Academic Profile is available for purchase after filling in the VARK Questionnaire.

Strategies Questionnaire: This new questionnaire asks which learning strategies you actually use and suggests new strategies you could try, as well as strategies you could reduce. Use the Strategies Questionnaire in conjunction with the VARK Questionnaire.

VARK Strategies – The definitive guide to VARK: Our guide to VARK for teachers and trainers has been updated. The new version is available here: VARK Strategies as a PDF download and as an EPUB download.
A version for Kindle is available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/VARK-Strategies-definitive-guide-ebook/dp/B07YGKZ7YV

VARK Questionnaire Version 8.01: The latest version of the VARK questionnaire is now live on the website, after a couple of months of testing. This is a major update, with many new questions included. You can find the new version of the questionnaire here: VARK Questionnaire version 8.01

How Do I Learn Best?: This guide to VARK, written for students, has been updated. The new version is available here: How Do I Learn Best? It is available as a PDF download and as an EPUB download.
A version for Kindle is available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/How-Do-Learn-Best-students-ebook/dp/B07VC2MR62
A paperback version is available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/How-Do-Learn-Best-students/dp/167910912X

VARK Group Report: This 8-10 page report uses VARK data for a group of people supplied by your organization and analyzed by our staff to inform you about the impact of VARK learning styles on communication and/or learning with that group.
The report provides feedback at an individual level or to different groups within the organization and it includes customized strategies to improve communication and learning generally.
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VARK Strategies: The helpsheets on the website have been updated to incorporate strategies applicable in both an academic and a workplace environment. You can find the helpsheets here: VARK Strategies