Your Aural Preference – Join the Discussion

Read about the experiences of others with an Aural preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself an Aural person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your Aural preference is apparent?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with an Aural preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with an Aural preference.

  1. Mercy said:

    The test said it all!!

  2. Romain said:

    I learn well when something is said to me. I can always recall the conversation and the words that were said.

  3. Indipile Nyuke said:

    This is exactly me . When ever I’m about to study I make summary of my notes and take important and easy words to remember , and read them out loud when studying.

  4. Bruce Weaver said:

    I read the study material and test questions out loud so I can hear the material and understand it better. I also ask myself questions and answer my question out loud. I call it thinking out loud. It helps me focus on the task and subject at hand.

  5. Nicole said:

    I learn best by being able to ask questions and gain a greater understanding of how and why things work that way.

    • teresa luchetti said:

      me too! thanks

  6. Paula Fanning said:

    Using the Aural Learning style is my favorite and most fun and useful way to learn about new topics and teaching about old ones, that I have experienced by sharing with others and them sharing their experiences with me and others.

  7. Nthabiseng said:

    I think I am because even if I’m not watching the lectures, but I focus more on listening to the lecturer who’s presenting makes it easier for me grasp the information

    • Matthew Manlulu said:

      I’m an aural learner too because I listen to my teacher and my classmates about what they’re saying in class.

    • teresa luchetti said:


  8. Dwayne Harrington-Bey said:

    Yes, this is completely me, especially having to say somethings over and over my way to understand them.

  9. linda smith said:

    I was completely surprised at these results. I am definitely “aural” “in all things” and I completely identify with “all “of the above comments. Thank You

  10. Chinyere said:

    I don’t easily forget what I hear from people and I benefit so much from the discussion. Through discussion, I am able to understand people’s different opinions.

  11. Larissa said:

    I notice that I do lean to aural but also I have a very active brain that is always distracting me so that can prevent me from hearing the things I need to learn.

    • Rowan said:

      I found a weird trick. for this! I noticed that my attention was always being pulled to other sensory things so I used my energy to “Neutralize” distractions. I don’t even focus on what is being said necessarily I just zone in and get my surroundings under control.

      I’m aware this is a super individual experience and I’m not giving great direct instruction. But feel free to reply with how this works for you and I will see if I can re-explain it.

  12. Nhlakanipho said:

    When I teach someone something I can never forget it, once we argue about something I can never forget it, participating in class and asking questions and engaging in debates engraved the info in my brain.

  13. Grace said:

    I usually can never focus when I am in class. I get distracted and bored easy.

  14. karen said:

    I usually cannot focus on voices. Other things distract me. I would need to listen more than once.

    • Nomxolisi said:

      I usually cannot focus on videos.other thinks distract me. I would need to listen more than once.

    • Nhlakanipho said:

      Me too, always rewinding when I rewinded excessively when listening to online lectures

    • teresa luchetti said:

      me too!

  15. David said:

    I find myself drifting in and out of lectures and missing the point. I’ve found that teachers’voices more than anything help me concentrate or not.

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