ARK Preference

On this page, you can read about the experiences of others with a ARK learning preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a ARK person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your ARK preference is obvious?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a ARK preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a ARK preference.


    I wasn’t surprised about my result, ARK describes me perfectly. I don’t care for graph and maps, have difficulty understanding them, love listening to lectures, discussion and love hands on projects, watching videos to learn.

  2. Interesting results considering I’m able to visualize anatomy in a spatial method. 5,12,14,13. Just goes to show, not everything is as it seems. Thankfully, we don’t live and die by the results of a survey!

    • VARK-Learn :

      VARK is about preferences, not strengths, so just because something is not your preference doesn’t mean that you can’t do it!

  3. Molobane Totwe :

    It turned out am multimodal, it is exactly what I am. I hardly look at graphs. I like reading and seeing what am doing and also trying it out personally. Thanks for the eye-opener!

  4. As an ARK, although I appreciate things in writing to refer to, I need to be able to see what I am supposed to do. Then, as I try out what I am supposed to do, I want to ask questions and get feedback from the person instructing me. More use of videos makes sense.

  5. Madumere Lilian. :

    As I was reading about VARK, I wasn’t understanding anything. I finished it and yet can’t explain which learning preference I prefer. But when I took the questionnaire my eyes got opened and things became clearer to me. Now am multimodal (ARK). Thank you VARK for the knowledge.

  6. Janie :

    Look at the job you chose to earn your living . That illustrates how you use your strengths . My job in health doesn’t lend itself to flow diagrams and Pie charts . It’s read up ,hands on , learn from discussing and doing . Graphs are for the researchers and scientists

    • Sohfiat Hassan :

      This is so true Janie. I have given your perspective much thought until now. Thank you for this insight.

  7. ARK describes me pretty well. I am absolutely not a visual person. My visual memory sucks (I can never “visualize” or “picture this” when someone asks me to), and I have fewer opinions on aesthetics than most people do. I do enjoy drawing, but that’s about it. I’m a super slow reader though, which is why I often don’t put my reading/writing preference into practice despite being able to learn much from it. Otherwise, ARK is certainly my multimodal learning style. I prefer to jump in and try things out (reading the instructions and asking questions from people who actually know what is happening as I go), and music always helps me learn. I have difficulty taking useful notes, as I have a strong aural memory and often just rely on that, but when I hear the instructor say something that I feel could be practically useful, I write it down for safekeeping.

  8. Giselle :

    Thank you for this excellent information. I detest diagrams and maps when I’m trying to learn something. For a “visual”, I prefer a video.

  9. I do not care for graphs, however I do use YouTube type learning a lot. I do not consider this learning to be of a graph type learning tool, yet did not see video as an option.

    • VARK-Learn :

      Video usually fits the Kinesthetic or Aural modalities (depending on the content of the video), rather than Visual, so Video should suit your learning preference well.

  10. Margaret :

    I sincerely and honestly love VARK, it has really opened my mind to things I was never really sure about, especially what works for me in terms of reading and studying. Thank you so much for this knowledge!!!.

  11. Maria J. :

    I got a zero score for Visual, which I guess explains why I am never really that impressed with graphs and diagrams – I can’t be bothered looking for whatever point it is that they are trying to make – why don’t they just write down the facts.

    • My point exactly!
      I can never understand graphs, I don’t have the patience for it.

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