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  • Do you consider yourself an ARK person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your ARK preference is apparent?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with an ARK preference?

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  1. Alexis said:

    This was interesting as I always enjoyed acting, singing, cooking and more recently jewelry making. When I was in high school being involved in theatre helped me to understand text and more complex issues that are in books and about the world. I liked it because with the right teachers I felt alive and engaged with what I was learning through these mediums which seem to fall into an ARK framework.

  2. kea Modibedi said:

    VARK has made me realize a lot and now I know my learning styles, and it is so true . I have started to use the learning styles I was best at and I have been doing so well in my exams. Thank u

    • El Hadji Issa FAYE said:

      Yes, Visual strategy may be efficient, but again it will have to go along with words and the Aural mode beats it when listening, I represent things better and fix them internally using notes, symboles, references.
      Definitely I admit being an ARK, discussions, practical demonstrations and simulations like Table top exercises are among the priviledged manners for Self evaluation.

  3. Tanita said:

    I am not surprised by the multimodal ARK either. I look at gestures made during a presentation or guided instructions. Sometimes their facial expressions are how something is verbalized helps me to remember certain points. I also like to write things down, as I am writing I am reciting the lines in my head. I love organization. I will be following the instructions to a tee. I am currently in a training at my job, and I was strongly encouraged not to write any notes. I tried and have not been successful. There are mini quizzes before the final exam, and I need to go over my notes. This tool is accurate and true.

  4. Roseline Adebayo said:

    My result of multimodal ARK is so true. I like to use various modes of learning as the occasion serves me. I just learned more about trying kinesthetic strategies too. Thank you VARK.

  5. Victoria N said:

    I am not at all surprised by being ARK. I am a hands-on person, especially if there is audio support. Charts and graphs confuse me more than they help. My handwriting is tragic, so I can remember almost everything I write or type, but I don’t write often.

    I’d be curious to see if there is a correlation between ARK learners and ADHD individuals. As someone with ADHD, ARK screams the need for varied stimulation that ADHDers crave.

  6. Laura Olivo said:

    I recognize I like to learn and think i learn best by reading – following directions, watching someone else and then trying it myself. I like to use videos because i can pause them when I need to. I don’t enjoy looking at graphs, etc.

  7. EWAEN IYAWE said:

    I wasn’t surprised about my result, ARK describes me perfectly. I don’t care for graph and maps, have difficulty understanding them, love listening to lectures, discussion and love hands on projects, watching videos to learn.

  8. Max P said:

    Interesting results considering I’m able to visualize anatomy in a spatial method. 5,12,14,13. Just goes to show, not everything is as it seems. Thankfully, we don’t live and die by the results of a survey!

    • VARK-Learn said:

      VARK is about preferences, not strengths, so just because something is not your preference doesn’t mean that you can’t do it!

  9. Molobane Totwe said:

    It turned out am multimodal, it is exactly what I am. I hardly look at graphs. I like reading and seeing what am doing and also trying it out personally. Thanks for the eye-opener!

    • Zukiswa Mashicila said:

      Graphs are my worst; I am also multimodal. Eye-opening indeed.

  10. Gail F said:

    As an ARK, although I appreciate things in writing to refer to, I need to be able to see what I am supposed to do. Then, as I try out what I am supposed to do, I want to ask questions and get feedback from the person instructing me. More use of videos makes sense.

  11. Madumere Lilian. said:

    As I was reading about VARK, I wasn’t understanding anything. I finished it and yet can’t explain which learning preference I prefer. But when I took the questionnaire my eyes got opened and things became clearer to me. Now am multimodal (ARK). Thank you VARK for the knowledge.

  12. Janie said:

    Look at the job you chose to earn your living . That illustrates how you use your strengths . My job in health doesn’t lend itself to flow diagrams and Pie charts . It’s read up ,hands on , learn from discussing and doing . Graphs are for the researchers and scientists

    • Sohfiat Hassan said:

      This is so true Janie. I have given your perspective much thought until now. Thank you for this insight.

  13. Em said:

    ARK describes me pretty well. I am absolutely not a visual person. My visual memory sucks (I can never “visualize” or “picture this” when someone asks me to), and I have fewer opinions on aesthetics than most people do. I do enjoy drawing, but that’s about it. I’m a super slow reader though, which is why I often don’t put my reading/writing preference into practice despite being able to learn much from it. Otherwise, ARK is certainly my multimodal learning style. I prefer to jump in and try things out (reading the instructions and asking questions from people who actually know what is happening as I go), and music always helps me learn. I have difficulty taking useful notes, as I have a strong aural memory and often just rely on that, but when I hear the instructor say something that I feel could be practically useful, I write it down for safekeeping.

  14. Giselle said:

    Thank you for this excellent information. I detest diagrams and maps when I’m trying to learn something. For a “visual”, I prefer a video.

  15. kimm said:

    I do not care for graphs, however I do use YouTube type learning a lot. I do not consider this learning to be of a graph type learning tool, yet did not see video as an option.

    • VARK-Learn said:

      Video usually fits the Kinesthetic or Aural modalities (depending on the content of the video), rather than Visual, so Video should suit your learning preference well.

  16. Margaret said:

    I sincerely and honestly love VARK, it has really opened my mind to things I was never really sure about, especially what works for me in terms of reading and studying. Thank you so much for this knowledge!!!.

  17. Maria J. said:

    I got a zero score for Visual, which I guess explains why I am never really that impressed with graphs and diagrams – I can’t be bothered looking for whatever point it is that they are trying to make – why don’t they just write down the facts.

    • Ewaen said:

      My point exactly!
      I can never understand graphs, I don’t have the patience for it.

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