Kinesthetic Preference

On this page, you can read about the experiences of others with a Kinesthetic learning preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a Kinesthetic person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your Kinesthetic preference is obvious?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a Kinesthetic preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a Kinesthetic preference.

  1. Jermaine Patrick said:

    I’ve always been a hands-on person. for example, I’m a certified welded by trade. I picked up the craft easily because I got to experience learning it hands-on.” Books give you the knowledge, hands-on gives the experience”.

  2. Brandye Billingsly said:

    Ive always felt I was a visual learning however, after taking the questionnaire I see that I have a kinesthetic and aural style learner. The website has given me tips on not always wanting to be face to face with whom i absorb my information from so that way i am no relying on them for the information. It makes sense. I will try to read my own content and get an understanding of the material at hand rather than listening to other. I want to learn other techniques to gain more knowledge and I believe this will truly help.

  3. Brandon said:

    See one, do one, teach one. Making mistakes is the best way to learn what it IS. Learning the THING in complete understanding is essential to applying that experience to the next. Dive in and have fun. See what happens and rejoice at all possible outcomes!

  4. Clemente Hernandez said:

    I feel that learning through my own personal experiences and mistakes help me better myself.

  5. Faith D. said:

    I am a Kinesthetic learner as it helps me to remember how to do something when I do it myself and follow the steps. I also am able to retain information if I type during lectures.

    • Melodie Turk said:

      Agreed. When I do it myself, whether it’s successful or a failure, I remember it better.

  6. Jennifer Willard said:

    As a kinesthetic learner I find that I learn best from real life experiences, especially when I make a mistake. I love to just get to work and learn as I go.

  7. Daniel Gonzales said:

    it is interesting how it relates to my actual way of learning. I Do like to present real experiences and examples when im trying to explain something. This is the second time I do a questionnaire with VARK but I never put it in practice. I am going to implement the studying strategies and see if I get better results in my grades.

  8. yuliana said:

    Yes, I would consider myself a kinesthetic person.
    I feel that there are some aspects of my life in which my Kinesthetic preference is obvious especially when there are new things, I want to try out it makes me focus so much more!
    Some study strategies that I find helpful as someone with a Kinesthetic preference, are watching a person do it first and then try it out myself.

  9. Sonia Maldonado said:

    I am a Kinesthetic learner. I learn by seeing repeat demonstration. I have to watch video that explains the material a little more or where i can rewatch and take notes. It’s extremely hard for me to sit throughout a lecture I tend to zone out sometimes and lose focus. I have to record the lectures so I can relisten to them as much times as I can. It helps me retain the information.

  10. Arturo V said:

    I have an emphasis on kinesthetic learning. I often use videos to reinforce my understanding of subjects that I feel weak in and I write mini notes on what I am learning to feel more engaged with the information, so I can maintain focus. Also, implementing the information I learn during simulation or clinic days helps me make connections and understand the reason why certain procedures are done.

  11. Pamela said:

    I am a “Stong Kinesthetic.” I find it very difficult to sit still in class for very long. I can have someone explain things to me several times, but it makes more sense once I have done it myself or applied it to an actual situation. I learn better from experiences and trial and error than I do from reading handouts and reading books.

  12. Victoria Orozco said:

    Since I am a Kinesthetic learner, it makes sense that I cannot concentrate during Zoom class and sometimes during regular class. My brain likes to be active while I’m learning and it’s hard to just sit and listen sometimes. I tend to doodle a lot to keep my hands busy.

  13. Naisha N. said:

    I am a multimodal learner. I always thought I learned best as a visual learner however, in nursing school I have had to modify my study/ learning techniques so many times which probably makes sense why I am a multimodal learner. It takes many different learning modes for me to understand the material and be able to apply it in the clinical setting.

  14. Maria C said:

    I’m a multimodal learner with an emphasis on kinesthetic. I always thought I was a visual learner, but since I started nursing school, my studying habits changed to grasp the material thoroughly. Especially with nursing skills, hands-on practice is the best way to have that muscle memory for skills.

  15. Yolanda V said:

    I often watch videos and and write what they’re saying or if it’s a skill ill perform it at the same time that i’m watching the video. I love focus keeper because after a while if I don’t take breaks I can’t think anymore.

  16. DeBronya Corner said:

    My mom told me that when I was in elementary school, I used to finish my work early and get up to walk around the room. Even today as a nurse educator, I have to take breaks in between working on content. I will just get up to do anything just so I am moving around because I tend to drift when sitting for long periods of time working on something. Once I come back to work, I am more focused.

  17. monica padilla said:

    I feel that visually seeing how things get done and explained better assist me in understanding the information and grasping the information in my brain to utilize when needed in a real life experience. Changing the studying approach as for example going from reading a textbook to watching videos of demonstration helps keep the motivation up to complete the task and truly grasp it making it interesting for me to continue.

  18. Monica said:

    I am a multi-level learner. I have come to realize these past couple of weeks, I really do not like to sit still and read. In fact, I find myself just looking at words on a page when I do this. I personally have been trying to take occasional walks and tried to listen to the audio e-books, but found it to be monotoned, so I have been walking and reading at the same time. And when I don’t understand something, I read it out loud or note it and look for videos later. I cannot believe how much I end up reading. It feels great in the end, because I am getting two things accomplished.

    Personally, I cannot just read what is on paper and understand what I need to do. I like to watch others do it while hearing them explain the process and follow along with paper, but I want to actually do the process as well and hear feedback, so I know what I can improve on and what I am doing well on.

    I am also a visual learner. I like to look at diagrams and videos. I want to see and hear them explain things to me. I feel that this reinforces my learning more.

    I am going to do my best to incorporate more kinesthetic and visual techniques into my learning every day. I will also take frequent breaks as recommended.

  19. dania sanchez said:

    This is very interesting to read that a lot of people are also auditory learners. I feel like a lot of people rather listen to lecture than read the book . it is just easier to retain info that way I think.

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