Read/write Preference

On this page, you can read about the experiences of others with a Read/write learning preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a Read/write person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your Read/write preference is obvious?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a Read/write preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a Read/write preference.

  1. Adão Maia said:

    I consider myself a read/write person because this is the way open my mind so strongly that I want to do the 2 things in the same time, they are connected with my source of knowledge and creativity.

  2. Kolweni Yolanda said:

    Yes I do find myself as a read\write person because I prefer reading the handouts and notes provided by my teacher and after reading I write whatever I have learnt down

  3. Jeannie Hudson said:

    I believe that the Vark questionnaire has my learning style completely correct. I am excited to learn how to implement these suggestions in my day to day learning.

  4. Shyteria said:

    The read/write learning style makes total sense. I have always gravitated towards reading and writing things in order for it to make sense to me. It is really a natural instinct. If I do not read something or write it down, I do not fully understand it or remember it. So thanks for the reassurance!

  5. samuel loitamon makatai said:

    For me, even though I occasionally listen to videos, and sometimes draw some circles around some text when reading, most of the time I find myself reading and writing almost at the same measure, to internalize what I’m reading, for me to understand, I have to put down some interesting facts or points I wish to remember, and sometimes I highlight what I wish to remember or revise later, even when reading a novel, I have to have a pen and paper to put down vocabularies or some phrases which are new to me.

    • Alessandra said:

      Well, when I study I just go over and over the material and each time I read and write notes down very quick in format list points, till I remember them. I used to do schemes in bullet list points, but lately I just read and write down what I remember and go over it. I also love when people use a different range of vocabulary and I enjoy to learn languages as well. I would prefer to read thousands of pages rather than trying to undestand visual features, when there’s an explanation associated to a flowchart or a picture I always struggle to understand it and I always look for a written and detailed explanation below.

  6. sese said:

    I am surprised because I just realized that I am a read/write learner. I remember that I aced an exam after reading it three times and the chemistry quizzes if I rewrite my notes again.

  7. Lincoln Woodward said:

    Thank You!

    • Nadia said:

      Thanks for your help

  8. sooz said:

    I am unusual in that read / write is my strong preference, but I am on the dyslexic spectrum. I did not really have a problem reading, (learnt to read whole word rather than sounding out), but spelling is difficult. However I definitely like to write notes, summaries from written material. I cannot do aural / verbatim notes well at all. Like many dyslexics, I have poor auditory memory skills and scored zero on aural learning preference.

  9. Allysa said:

    In my own opinion I think that reading and writing have their own different definitions : such as reading is how you try to pronounce each word, syllables etc. and you also learn a lot of words but you don’t understand all of it because you are trying to read and learn about such things to and why I’m reading this book and the answer for that you want to learn more things and explore different aspects about why I’m reading it or doing this kind of thing?
    How about writing is how you put each words to create a phrase or your showing that everyone can make their own opinions and make there own history because you’re the only one who can reflect your own historical feelings and doubt about you or your whole life.

  10. annette gallagher said:

    I would like to share ideas and learn from other people experience

  11. Rosa said:

    Reading and writing. Helpful to read my notes out loud and slowly. Write out notes again and then abbreviate them into lists and headings. Put definitions etc. into my own words.

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