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Read about the experiences of others with a Visual preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a Visual person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your Visual preference is apparent?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a Visual preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a Visual preference.

  1. Thara said:


    I’m a strong visual learner. Even as a little child I liked to create fun pictures on a notepad in order to relax after dinner at night prior to going up to bed. In classes in school I preferred art lessons. I also enjoyed my textile and geography lessons and movie making club too. As a adult I still tend to use three or four different colours at work in addition to help me out. I also have two or three adult colouring books. Whenever I’m travelling on a plane I use them. Thank you so much as well.

  2. Noe said:

    I often learn things when I see them for myself or someone explains to me then I’ll map it all up in my head to make it as simple as possible.

  3. Sheetal said:

    I have always make a diagram in my notes of whatever I read. And when I remember things those are pictures come in my head. Picturizing any sentences or words help me remember efficiently. Not just while studying, I make a drawing of a plan (like any decorations) before I execute.

  4. Lawrence.A said:

    very good i found exllent…

  5. Cameron said:

    Till recently I had only been learning things by writing information down and revising it for exams. I made myself learn this way. It was really hard. Art history, geography and design were different in that I would associate a single picture or a diagram with the text to help me understand or to aid revision.

  6. Melissa said:

    I am a visual person, or learn by diagrams, charts, images, along with reading and writing –mainly re-writing my notes. When I am learning something I often can see what I have drawn. I also have charts and notes on a wall at home.

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