VAK Preference

On this page, you can read about the experiences of others with a VAK learning preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a VAK person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your VAK preference is obvious?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a VAK preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a VAK preference.

  1. Rebecca on said:

    Pretty even scored over VAK.The thing that stood out was the lack of preference for writing (R). I find that I don’t get much out of writing detailed notes on a subject. If I do it’s more of a jog to the memory. I get more out of visual, practical and discussion. I prefer actually doing something and or researching it myself. That helps me learn.

  2. Ethan on said:

    I am not as entertained while reading than I am while watching a video, having a discussion, or forming a creative example. Sure notes are key to remembering information, but a little twist here and there to spice my learning up is what I definitely prefer.

  3. Courtney on said:

    I not the best a remembering much while reading, I will eventually remember if I read something for a week straight. I like more hands on activities and seeing others attempt first to understand what may be done. I do like to write down what I think something means and code it for a way I can remember that material.

  4. Norma on said:

    I find that writing things while discussing it to myself helps with reinforcement. I also like to draw or doodle something relevant to what I am learning to add the visual. I am definitely a hands on learner.

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