Your VAR Preference – Join the Discussion

Read about the experiences of others with a VAR preference.

If you have a VAR preference (find out here), why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a VAR person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your VAR preference is apparent?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a VAR preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a VAR preference.

  1. Beth said:

    I think my strongest preference is Visual – things really make more sense to me if I see them in a diagram or graph. I do find it helpful to discuss things with others though, so I guess I do have an Aural preference. And I’m always wanting to read as much as I can on topics I’m interested in. There is never enough time to read as much as I want to! I had a really low score for K, which reflects the fact that I’m more interested in ideas and theories than in real-world applications. Practical things like labs and field trips waste so much time.

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