Your VARK Preference – Join the Discussion

Read about the experiences of others with a four-part VARK preference.

If you have a VARK preference (find out here), why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a “VARK” person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your VARK preference is apparent?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a VARK preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a VARK preference.

  1. Herjus said:

    Interesting results. I was feeling quiz was horrible because I had to tick off all 4 so many times. Thinking, isn’t more information better.

    Not sure about the special case questions, like if I need more information from a doctor I don’t need a 3D illustration “will I die” is enough. Or if you’re having trouble assembling furniture, but didn’t read the instructions. And the board game question; I prefer asking experts to save time, but in board games everyone claims to be an expert at the rules – read the law page!

    • Heather Lander said:

      Many people with a “VARK” preference feel the need to process new information in all of the modalities before they really feel they “get it”, while others have the flexibility to just choose one modality according to the circumstances. If you think about some learning situations you’ve been in, you’ll know which is the situation for you.

  2. Erica M McMasters said:

    Another faithful multimodal learner here. I find I learn best when the information is spoken, illustrated, with some hands-on experience, and finally I have to write down what I’ve learned.

  3. DeeDee said:

    I am a multimodal learner. I love to learn new things and in different ways as I am more of a hands-on person but I love to use other methods while learning.

    • Emma said:

      I got multimodal learner too, I love being hands-on and can adapt to other forms of learning, I have strengths in physical movement and with visual learning.

  4. Lillian said:

    I am a multimodal learner. I believe that these preferences and methods were somewhat helpful, though I find that I do not need an evaluation to know that I need multiple methods to learn.

  5. Brina Williams said:

    I’m a multimodal learner. Before my lecture I pre-read. During lectures I pay attention to key concepts and different terms that I need to know. Right after lecture I read through my notes again and identify any areas that I’m unsure about. Then I go to youtube and look up those things, looking for someone reading about it or explaining it to me so I can get a better understanding of the concept.

  6. Jose said:

    I am a multimodal learner. I love to watch, listen, and physically do what I need to do in order to get something done or to learn something new.

  7. Destiney said:

    I am a multimodal learner. I feel like I use all of these methods in some way with my learning. I find the V. A. R. K method is very useful and I will continue to use it throughout my college career. Probably the rest of my life as well.

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