VARK Preference

On this page, you can read about the experiences of others with a four-part VARK learning preference.

If you have a VARK preference (find out here), why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a “VARK” person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your VARK preference is obvious?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a VARK preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a VARK preference.

  1. Karyna Ferreira said:

    I didn’t find it surprising that I got multimodal. I learn in many different ways depending on what it is I’m learning or even my mood it seems. I enjoy reading a lot for example and can really learn alone from that, but sometimes I don’t have the energy to learn that way and on a day like that I’ll lean towards more audio and visual learning. I also find that no matter how I initially learned it, I will always seek to discuss with others about the topic and do find it helps cement it even more.

    • Joys Augustus said:

      Yeah, I also learn differently depending on what I am learning or my mood. I often wonder maybe it is fixed somethings demand a particular learning style than other things or if it just depends on mood,

  2. Taylor Register said:

    This was very helpful. I have always been a visual learner or someone who learns from someone showing me and explaining to me how to do something. my highest scores were visual and kinesthetic.

  3. Laurena vane Weerd said:

    I am a multimodal learner. My scores are very close: the highest is Read/write, followed by one less point on Aural & Kinesthetic tied, and the last is a few points below on Visual. The lower points on the visual surprised me because I have an eidetic memory. I think it is low because I like to integrate what I see and interpret it into meaning. I like to make up stories to help me relate to what I see and hear. I like using abbreviations or acronyms to help me remember terminology or critical ideas. I also like to turn words into pictures.

  4. Snigdha said:

    I am a type of kinesthetic(12) and aural (11)kind of learner. I mostly study when I have read something interesting (by applying it in real life scenarios) by reciting it again and again in mind and then reading it out loud. For someone who feels that learning a set or single set of materials takes out a lot of your time, bear it, as it may improve your way of learning in your upcoming times!!

  5. Mia said:

    Visual 11
    Aural 5
    Read/Write 9
    Kinesthetic 13

    I prefer to learn things in a practical way. Visuals are important too. Sometimes just reading something or writing something out helps too! I struggle with Aural as I tend to forget things easily.

  6. Dickson said:

    I am a very complicated person. I really frustrate those around me due to the fact that, in my case, whatever I am learning must encompass all four modalities to a significantly large degree.

  7. mesele said:

    I am multimodal learner. I score above 12 for V, A, R, and K. but sometimes I prefer v.

  8. Cortney Evans said:

    I do believe that I am a “VARK” person. The areas that I feel are obvious are Read/Write and Aural. Some study strategies that I find helpful are flash cards and a lot of repetition. I like to have my notes written word for word and I can condense them into something smaller in a way that is easy for me to remember. I also like to explain a procedure or problem to my teacher and have them tell me that it is correct or what I need to improve on.

  9. Alex said:

    I am multimodal and got the highest score on Kinesthetic. I learn mostly by listening, paying attention to a teacher, asking questions and doing exercises. If I want to memorize, I will read my notes out loud to my voice recorder and play it over and over again for some hours while I do other stuff. Teaching others also helps me a lot to retain information and see what I should pay more attention too, that also forces me to try other modes of learning because I try to adapt to the other person’s preference.

  10. Sandra Price said:

    This was helpful. I am a multimodal learner. I require a variety of methods of learning to achieve knowledge and I’m glad to learn I’m among many that do too.

  11. Linda McCoy said:

    This was helpful I was multimodal but my highest score was in kinesthetic

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