VARK Preference

On this page, you can read about the experiences of others with a four-part VARK learning preference.

If you have a VARK preference (find out here), why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a “VARK” person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your VARK preference is obvious?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a VARK preference?

Leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences as someone with a VARK preference.

  1. Joaquin Flores said:

    This is quite helpful

  2. Ikechukwu Uzor said:

    My learning preference is multimodal (VARK) which is true in relation to how i learn. When learning i like to work with as many information as i require through different learning strategies – Visual, Aural, i like to read and write and incorporating what i have learnt to practice and/or case studies then making observation and changes as at when required and adjusting my learning in real time.

  3. Jesse Saavedra said:

    The type of learner I am is that I’m a Visual learner and a Aural learner. Visual learner are people that draw things, works with plans maps and diagrams which this actually fits with me because I have t have things in front of me in order to detect what I need to do. Aural learner is someone that have to talks things through and it helps to better explain things to people and yourself. This connects with me because when I’m doing projects or discussions with other people I always have to talk about the topic because it help mes better understand the topic.

    I was surprised when I saw that my highest learning style was Aural and the next one was visual because it come to show that I have better chance of understanding the topic when I’m with someone that I can talk about the topic. the topics that I could better improve would be reading and writing I have a low number on that and also I can work on kinesthetic and the other one I could really work on would be multi modal. This experience can help me in the future because I hope that I would have improved on the strategies that I have been lacking on. What I learned from this activity is that now I know what study strategies I need to work on so I can improve later in the future.

  4. Cole Patterson said:

    I work best as a visual and kinesthetic learner for two reasons: I have enhanced observatory skills as well as a photographic memory. I am also an introvert, which may explain why I scored the lowest numeric value on aural learning. I still need a corroboration of the statistical information to verify its authenticity because I am reluctant to assume the validity of the information without any prerequisite on the basis of reliable sources.

    Thanks, VARK for elucidating my preferential learning methods.

  5. Sam Y. Kermoh said:

    Thanks for the platform and hope to get the best results in my endeavour

  6. Evalyne Cornelia Wakhanu said:

    Thanks for the VARK modalities and the questionnaires at your website.
    I was directed by our instructor. It was my first time and very supportive. I am to share with other people the link to the resource.

    Evalyne Cornelia Wakhanu
    University of the People, Online Student,

  7. Stephanie Perisic said:

    I think my results reflect my process alright. I am much more a visual person that requires examples, in contrast to reading walls of text or listening to one person speak for hours on end.

  8. Dahlia Das said:

    My VARK results showing a multimodal preference are fairly accurate in my perception. Over the years I have become quite comfortable learning, assimilating and applying information through different modes. The preference for a certain mode is often determined by the content/nature of what is being learnt at that time. For example, if I am only trying to understand some information or a theory conceptually, just reading text about it is enough for me. If I need to put it into practice I will certainly look for real examples, from my own life or others. If I’m trying to find my way somewhere I’m very comfortable using a map. And so on.

  9. Cynthia Scott said:

    I am multimodal and enjoy learning all types of ways

  10. Cynthia Lipkins said:

    Hello I am definitely a multimodal learner, I utilize all learning styles, however I prefer aural and kinesthetic learning when it comes to my professional life as a RN. it enables me to listen and then watch someone perform and skill!

    • Omotola Oyesina said:

      The Aural mode is learning by hearing and listening to information in this I scored the 14, This is me and my everyday life, I listen attentively and digest informations. Also, it’s compulsory for me to attend classes and listen to succeed.
      The Kinesthetic learning is a learning style in which learning take place by students carrying out physical activities in this learning mode I scored 12. I actually enjoyed participating in physical activities which enables me to learn new things and keep the memory of them.

  11. Mayse Ali said:

    I do consider myself as a VARK person because I personally have never really had any issues with retaining the information being taught in my classes because i don’t prefer any one specific preference. I’m okay with all four. I don’t think there are any aspects of my life where my VARK preference is obvious because I work well with all four, my lessons blend together. As someone with a VARK preference, one study strategy that I find helpful is simply trying to blend all four preferences together in your learning process and each lesson, so that you work and retain the information even better than switching off between preferences depending on the lesson- as long as you try you will succeed.

  12. Abigale said:

    The questionnaire resembled my learning style accurately. I take many personality quizzes in my free time and they don’t describe me but this one did. I am a Multi modal learner I write in different fonts with headings to represent what I will be discussing. I talk about the material I question or don’t understand. I also require to write and read everything because if not, I fear to miss something or get lost. I don’t so much do the hands on experiences but, will start to improve my learning.

  13. Tungnung said:

    I am a multi modal learner which is true. I watch videos, read the descriptions, ask questions and answers, participate in the discussions, need explanations and examples. That is me.

  14. Manal Eklis said:

    I am multimodal learning because I love to try many things at the same time until I got what I want .Not only in the discussion learning or a writing assignment. For example, I spend a relative good time to try to find the best resources with finding my way to learn.

  15. Lisa said:

    This is me! I learn all at once from a huge “dish of salad”. Some way that I do not totally understand How all of this is synthesed, I figure I’m like a spider who pulls together what he sees with his many eyes. I for the most part just use it my learning styles without to much questioning. If I get to intrigued with the process I become bogged down and then ambivalent and have to find a new starting point.

  16. Tonya D Rayborn said:

    I am a multimodal learner, which pretty much describes me. I use different techniques for everything.

    • Hugo De La Cruz said:

      That is wonderful to hear! I am the same way.
      My learning preference is Multimodal. This is great information that I didn’t know before. My score for these areas are:
      Visual 10
      Aural 10
      Read/Write 9
      Kinesthetic 11
      I have learned that my learning styles are important for me to retain knowledge and apply it for further use. I plan to try strategies in visual and kinesthetic for best learning outcome. I preform better when I watch videos or tutorial as well as a tactile approach involving carrying out physical activities.

    • Omotola Oyesina said:

      I am multimodal leaner, the video made me to discover my learning style. I blend all the four learning techniques together for better understanding and to remain what is learnt for further application.

  17. Bethel said:

    Though the category said i am multipled, i think i tend to learn easier with images (when memorizing things i can always remember every position of the information amd the pictures it be with)
    It’s hard to explain but just as an example ,when i hear some info, i list them in mind and i can “see” them.

  18. Vali said:

    MY preference for perceiving information is, Multimodal. The results of the VARK test described me pretty well, my score dominated in Kinesthetic. I much rather learn hands on, using movement or allowing your body to participate.

  19. Mark said:

    I’m a multimodal learner and I scored even for all the categories. Usually I like music but if I don’t like the music it hinders my learning. Usually I will try to sort problems out practically but if I can’t do it I look at the instructions. I can take information in with listening and can usually recall most of the information. I can usually listen wellat the same time I am drawing stuff.

  20. Rod said:

    Although the surveysays I am multimodal, my real preference for learning isactually by doingandby trial or error,although I do look out and read about whatever subject I am studying.

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