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Read about the experiences of others with a VK preference.

Why not share your experiences too?

  • Do you consider yourself a VK person?
  • Are there aspects of your life where your VK preference is apparent?
  • What study strategies do you find helpful, as someone with a VK preference?

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  1. Rain said:

    I’ve been using Canva as a way to condense my class notes — this is usually very involved process since I care about aesthetics — and the visual layout allows me to recall it easier in terms of chunking information into pretty visuals.

  2. Rose said:

    I am totally VK. I always think of different ways that I can write my notes, whether it be just writing sentences, outlines, mind maps, or Hot words to condense my notes or, I have been trying to think of a pattern that I could use that would ask the same few questions about each topic. While using all these different ways to write notes, it can get too time-consuming, although rewriting the note different ways enforces a complete understanding of the subject at hand because you’ll think of different ways to explain it and if you are the one making it up you tend to remember, it simply because it is your own.

    • Scott Lemon said:

      You should see the notes I just wrote while mapping out my capstone paper … I have doodles and artistic design elements all over the place. I ended up using about 75% of what I wrote on notebook paper, front and back, in my submission, and the instructor said it was too long! ughhhhh!!!

  3. Emma Leslie said:

    I write notes and doodle a lot during class time, but I’m still listening. I find it more valuable to be shown powerpoints and examples rather than my teacher just telling me information.

    • Nahema Canty said:

      I agree with you, Emma. I find it more valuable to be shown materials such as videos, pictures, films, charts, graphs, etc rather than a teacher lecturing. I have to see the big picture in my mind for me to understand.

    • Scott Lemon said:

      For this reason, I find I am more in tune with the lecturer who moves around rather than staying fixed behind a podium.

  4. Chloe said:

    The classes where there are assignments I can actually remember stuff as opposed to just tests. I find using colour catches my attention as well as headings.

    Watching videos in some cases makes topics more memorable than just reading which I may forget. A good video I will re-watch many times. I also find looking at maps useful to get an idea of where places are that I am heading to. Then after I head to that place I try to put the picture in the context so I can remember where that place is. After I have been to a place twice using that method I usually have no problems memorizing them.

  5. Tsitsis Alexandros said:

    This model helps me to confirm the right and effective way to learn something for me and to realize that the Kinesthetic trainee is the most difficult trainee to learn especially in the classroom but I have the potential to train him because of my personal physical traits.
    I was curious about how I can use the VARK model in learning the English Language. It is very difficult for me sometimes to express my thoughts It is easier for me to draw them! I confirm that I am quite a practical person and I realize that I can learn English only by practice, adapting your recommendations, consequently I feel that the other strategies are ineffective.

  6. Asher said:

    My learning style is Visual and Kinesthetic. I doodle in class and write notes messy and then tidy them up later. Having to listen tolong lecturersputs me to sleep. Reproducing Visual images assists me and I enjoy doing it. In school I had the ability but didn’t do much as I was constantly drawing pictures and not taking notes. I read comics, but no novels as colour and pictures with words are good for me.

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